Parameter annotations

DocBookXslStylesheets define a huge set of parameters which can be used to tailor output of transformation.

In order to support development of user-friendly front-ends for setting parameters parameter definitions are augmented by additional metadata. You can find definition of each parameter in a separate file in params subdirectory of DocBookXslStyleheets.

Additional metadata are stored inside refmiscinfo element.


The following syntax is used for specifying datatype of parameter:

The following datatypes are used:


Datatype list denotes that there is a list of enumarations for parameter. Possible values can be listed by using the following syntax:

This example defines three possible values dl, ul and ol for the parameter.

If not all possible values are listed in metadata, list can be marked as open:

By default list of values is considered closed, which can be specified also explicitly:

List values description

Description of each value in list can be specified by alt element:

For longer descriptions annotation feature can be used:

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